Thank you for voting me in as Kitsap County District Court Judge (Position 3)!


Thank you for voting me in as Kitsap County District Court Judge (Position 3)

At a time when so many institutions – all the way up to the US Supreme Court – are being scrutinized, criticized, and challenged, I have one simple passion: to serve the people of Kitsap County with a trusted commitment to justice. In the many courts where I have served as judge pro tem, I have a reputation of valuing, respecting and ensuring every person before me receives a day in court that’s fair, impartial and dedicated to following established law.

I’m from here – Port Orchard, Kitsap County. I grew up in a diverse family of different cultures – and think that has given me a head start in living an inclusive life and seeing equality as part of every day’s responsibility. I’m now a Judge Pro Tem in the Kitsap District Court, doing the job I seek to win with your vote. I’m also currently the Court Commissioner for the City of Bremerton, a position I’ve held since 2013. I’ve been on the bench hearing hundreds of cases from Bainbridge Island and Poulsbo to Port Orchard. I’m a former prosecutor, been a conflict public defender, and have been in private practice since 2006. I have argued cases at every level in Washington from Municipal Court all the way to the State Supreme Court.

“…fair, impartial and dedicated to following established law.”

I’ve enthusiastically done my share of community-building as a member of the North Kitsap Poulsbo Rotary Club (former president of its Foundation) and worked on setting up a Domestic Violence Shelter in Poulsbo. I’ve been a coach for the North Kitsap Soccer Club, a Community Action Board member, and a Pro Bono Board Member. I’m active in my local church, I’ve participated in the annual Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society and worked as a volunteer at fundraisers, such as the Viking Tour. I volunteer at Kitsap Children’s Musical Theater, North Kitsap High School Band, and previously volunteered at the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding. I’ve taught law enforcement reservists criminal procedure at Peninsula College and participated in the Olympic College Foundation and Kitsap Community Foundation fundraising events. The highlight of my life, however is living with my fabulous wife, business and parenting partner Kendra Stone Seaman and my two daughters that make me proud each day.

I have been given much by this community, and I have worked every day to make its justice accessible, available, and approachable to all. In these times of unprecedented changes and challenges, I want to ensure we all have at least one service which remains reliable and stable: Trusted Justice. I’d appreciate your vote on November 8th.

Thanks for listening,

Shane Seaman
Candidate for Kitsap County District Court Judge (Position 3)

Why You Need to Finish Your Ballot

Did you know that most people cannot even name a judge, much less ever appear before one?

Yet, if you or someone in your family had to depend on one being impartial and fair, you’d probably make sure you took voting for judges as a serious responsibility and not skip over the job.

But that’s not the story for what’s happening now.

Of the 168,827 registered voters in a recent General Election in Kitsap County, there were 122,284 who voted (a respectable 72.4%). However, the number who actually voted through to the races at the bottom of the lengthy ballot (where the judicial races are located) was only about 75,000 voted – about a drop of 46,500 votes less!)

Please do remember to finish your ballot. All the District Court Candidates will be included in your County-produced voter pamphlet due out four weeks before the election. It includes the background and campaign statements from each candidate.

Key Campaign dates

Primary Ballots Mailed Out

Shane will not appear on the primary ballot as there are only two candidates for the position.

All General Election Ballots must be post-marked/received

November 8, 2022

Swearing In For The New Judge

January 2, 2023

"Treating everyone with respect and equal access to justice is what we should expect from our judges. This is how Shane Seaman – candidate for District Court Judge (Position 3 – the seat Judge Marilyn Paja is retiring from) will approach serving our community.

As someone with experience on the bench, he has the background to do right by Kitsap residents. He’s my choice and I urge your support as well."

— Rob Gelder, Kitsap County Commissioner, District 1.
“Shane has been a pro-tem with Poulsbo Municipal Court for over 10 years and has always shown extreme respect for not only the staff but for the judicial system as a whole. Shane is knowledgeable, dependable and respected by all that have worked with, appeared before or interacted with him on the bench.”

— Amy Knutsen, Court Administrator, Poulsbo Municipal Court
“Shane is one of the most balanced individuals I have ever seen on the bench. Willing to be kind and understanding yet firm when it’s necessary. I have seen Shane take extra time with individuals who are struggling and make a priceless difference in their life.”

— Ian Coen, Bremerton Municipal Court Probation Officer
“In 2006 when I was first elected District Court Judge in Jefferson County I asked Shane to be a ProTem judge for me. I needed someone reliable with the knowledge, skill and integrity to substitute for me when I could not be there. Shane proved to be that person and served with distinction for several years. I can think of no better person to serve the people of Kitsap County as their new District Court Judge.”

— Jill Landes, Jefferson County District Court Judge (ret.)


Thinking of Being Involved in a Fun Campaign?

Join us – the people of Shane Seaman’s Campaign for Judge as we get voters interested in keeping their local and county justice protected and run by honorable, fair and committed judges.

Join us in helping deliver a message of how important it is for voters not to skip over the judicial races this year – and all years – as they are critical to our country’s democracy.

Unfortunately, over a third of our voters skip over the judicial races – they are close to the end of the ballot – so our job is to make them aware of the need to “finish your ballot.”


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