Help Us Fund the Campaign

Getting the message out to 187,149 voters takes more than having the best candidate – it takes getting the message of his experience; his perspective on justice, fairness and equality; his endorsements; and his lifelong hard work all over Kitsap County to those voters.

Brochures can cost 75 cents to mail one; a yard sign costs over $5.00 apiece, and a 30 second radio spot can cost as much as $20 to play once. Shane Seaman is one of us – a Dad helping raise teen/pre-teen daughters in business with his wife Kendra in a law practice that works all over the county.

Judicial races have an individual contribution limit of $2,000.00 – but any amount you can afford will go a long way in sending important information to our voters so they can choose the best person to serve as our Kitsap County District Court Judge for Position 3 (to fill the seat being vacated by Marilyn Paja who has served us with great dignity and passion for the past 23 years).

Can you help us?

Please consider a contribution to Shane Seaman’s Campaign for the Kitsap County District Court!